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Zumba combines traditional Latin dance styles, including salsa, mambo, cha-cha, cumbia and merengue, as well as hip-hop and belly dancing moves, depending on the instructor's preferences. Some classes will also utilize traditional group fitness moves, such as pushups, bicep curls, crunches and hi-low aerobics combinations. By focusing on interval training, classes seek to burn calories without exhausting participants with a constant high-impact pace.


You do not need to be able to dance well to reap the benefits of Zumba. Instructors choreograph relatively simply routines that are fun, but manageable to most people. The point of Zumba is to have fun, not impress judges. Do not let the appearance of the class intimidate you. Even if people in the class perform high-intensity steps, your teacher will show low-impact versions so you can modify according to your ability.













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